It has a strong silhouette, elegant design and great attention to detail. We set out to create excellence and The Katherine is this expression. We could not be more proud of this design.

Fabulous Katherine bag!

I have just received my bag and I am absolutely delighted! Not only is it gorgeous, unique and beautifully crafted, it is also versatile and can be worn with jeans or to the races and everything in between!

Worth every cent! Thank you!

Nina P. Verified Reviewer

About The Katherine

At Cecily Clune we want our bags to also ‘work’ for us. Not only do they have to make a statement of style, they have to be practical and be able to withstand the knocks of everyday life. The Katherine is no exception. It holds essentials – sunglasses, keys, cards, wallet, phone etc - and works as a crossbody, hand carry or over the shoulder.

Just like our symbol, the bee, The Katherine is elegant yet purposefully designed. Wear it from day to night for chic and polished style.


Each leather has been carefully chosen for its unique beauty and its ability to be worn every day without showing wear. Epi leather was developed by Louis Vuitton for travel bags because it is tough and we love it because it is so elegant. Our croc in two patterns – small and large – is wonderful as it shows little wear and remains a timeless design. Each colour has had a black overlay applied by hand to give a sophisticated subtle finish. We treated the pretty and refined, smooth calf leather to withstand scratches and stains making a once delicate leather very wearable for every day

Hardware and Construction

The twist of the lock and its subtle click denotes the luxury of the Cecily Clune Florence lock. It is a buttery soft gold that is quite understated. Technically, it is also tough with 14k gold plated finish protected by e-coat. The Katherine is a hard construction that gently curves to sit against the body reducing its bulk to the right proportions. The leather belts on the side and base give it extra resilience and denotes its strong silhouette.

“Handbags should last,
look fabulous and be honestly-priced.” Libby Thomson

Cecily Clune obsesses over every single detail from material to technique. If our product doesn't satisfy you, we'll take it back.