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"We design for the woman who wants to lead a fearless life and discover what she is capable of.  We hope our handbags would make her be able to walk into any room and feel polished, competent, confident and chic." Libby Thomson, Creative Director, Cecily Clune

Cecily Clune is an Australian designer handbag and accessories brand known for “out of the box” refined luxury pieces with classic elements that remain affordable. We source the finest components from around the world and use a meticulous Japanese manufacturer.  

Cecily Clune creates a small number of handbag designs each year in limited numbers. Each is handcrafted by a single artisan from bespoke components.

Our vision is to be trusted and known for exceptional quality and reliably beautiful designs that customers will seek out year after year. We don’t want to make a lot of noise. This is not our business. We are serious about making handbags. Our mission is to serve our customers repeatedly and for generations; to remain relevant but not trend driven; artful and not perfunctory.

We will be proud when our customers feel that they own something special, beautifully made and is not seen everywhere. We want Cecily Clune products to be like a shared secret…

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Love, Cecily x


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