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 "If you believe in challenging the ordinary; if you think we should be surrounded by excellence, beauty and great design; if you believe that these aims are not necessarily governed by cost but rather skill and passion, then you will want to be involved with Cecily Clune."

Libby Thomson 

Cecily Clune creates small collections of high quality statement handbags that⠀
are functional, at the same quality standard as a couture line, without the price tag. They are innovative and beautiful, yet approachable and pragmatic.

And we deliver directly from our workroom to you. 

Cecily Clune is Australian designed and based in the UK and Australia.

Our brand is founded on the philosophy of buy well and buy less. Our pillars are quality and craftsmanship, using the highest quality components and constructed by a Japanese master artisan.

 Inspired by sculptural shapes and rich textures, the designs create classic, contemporary distinctive pieces.

Cecily Clune designs are limited edition, timeless and not ephemeral, and made to wear every day.


Cecily Clune is imagined as a woman who is sophisticated, confident, and chic.  Her symbol is the bee- a perfect example of form and function – beauty and hard work.


Quality is never an accident. We spend most of our time obsessing over design and searching to achieve high quality in our products. If you don’t agree, we’ll take it back.



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