The Bee Is Cecily Clune's Logo, Talisman And Statement

Forever Alice with golden bee

The Bee is a Rich Motif

“Of air-born honey, gift of heaven, I now Take up the tale. …" Vergil Georgics IV

In history and literature, bees are a symbol of hard work, perfect organization, and the ideal community. They also represent prosperity and personal fulfilment and their importance to mankind is beyond measure.

Bees are also beautiful.

All Cecily Clune products carry a bee symbol because we aim to engender these qualities. We believe handbags should be beautiful, practical and work with its owner as a piece of wearable art.


Our Mission

Cecily Clune, with every design, strives to create the ideal bag – one that is practical, made from natural and durable materials, does not shout its brand, has the highest craftsmanship and above all is beautiful yet has the perfect form for its function.

 Cecily Clune products are designed to work hard and be beautiful at the same time – much like bees.

 Now can you see why we chose the bee? 

Bee gathering nectar on a flower
Napoleon's bee

Napoleon's bee 

A symbol of hard work and tenacity - the bee represented the subversion of the existing order with a new spirit for France.
 (Image: Courtesy of NGV, Australia.)


Our Hives

We have our own hives at headquarters in a pesticide-free environment and are helping the planet by breeding queens and multiplying our numbers each season.
We have unfettered admiration for their work.
Hear Libby Thomson, our founder, get a little bit excited about a baby bee emerging from the cell!

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