Why the bee?

Why Cecily Clune Uses the Bee as the Brand’s Logo, Talisman and Statement?

close up of bee designer brand 
We are a little bit obsessed by bees and rightly so! We have a philosophy based on history and literature and sheer joy that directs everything we create at Cecily Clune.  The bee is a symbol of this philosophy and is a rich motif.

Everything about bees is not only beautiful and harmonious but practical.  To draw a long bow – we believe this is what a handbag should be as well.  All our bags have a bee talisman somewhere in their design.

A handbag should be beautiful, practical and work with its owner as a piece of wearable art. Our chicest bee yet, designed for Cecily Clune Luxury Handbags is coated in 14k gold and could stand on its own as jewellery.

Architects study beehives as perfect forms. The hive acts as a community served by its inhabitants - bees - where everything is in its place and there is a place for everything.   It is a place of perfect organisation.
Napoleonic bee
Napoleon's bee - a symbol of hard work and tenaciousness.
Napoleon chose the bee as a symbol of the new French Empire – it represents tenacity and hard work. The story goes that when Napoleon Bonaparte took up residence in the Royal Palace at Tuileries he refused to spend money on new decor. However, he could not allow the drapery - with its embroidered fleur-de-lis (the French Royal emblem) - to continue to hang in the windows of the palace.
His solution was to have the rich and elegant drapes turned upside down. The inverted symbol of the overthrown monarchy looked like a bee. From then on, the tenacious bee became the emblem of Napoleon Bonaparte
close up of bee hive
The bee is a symbol of harmony.
In 29 BCE, Vergil, the Roman poet, in his work The Georgics, used bees as a model of the perfect society in an ideal rural life as opposed to life in the city which was characterized by suffering, corruption and exploitation. According to Vergil, bees represented a perfect harmonious system of communal living.
Of air-born honey, gift of heaven, I now 
Take up the tale. …
The colony comes forth to sport and play,…
With some sweet rapture, that we know not of, 
Their little ones they foster, hence with skill 
Work out new wax or clinging honey mould. 
So when the cage-escaped hosts you see 
Float heavenward through the hot clear air, until 
You marvel at yon dusky cloud that spreads 
And lengthens on the wind, then mark them well;
The old have charge 
To keep the town, and build the walled combs, 
And mould the cunning chambers; but the youth, 
Their tired legs packed with thyme, come labouring home 
Belated, for afar they range to feed 
On arbutes and the grey-green willow-leaves, 
And cassia and the crocus blushing red,  … Georgics IV

Cecily Clune, with every design, strives to create the ideal bag – one that is practical, made from natural and durable materials, does not shout its brand, has the highest craftsmanship and above all is beautiful yet has the perfect form for its function.   

Cecily Clune products are designed to work hard and be beautiful at the same time – much like bees. 
Now can you see why we chose the bee? 
cecily clune logo designer bags
Libby Thomson portrait
Libby Thomson
Creative Director
Cecily Clune
ps. We have our own hives at headquarters in a pesticide-free environment and are helping the planet by breeding queens and multiplying our numbers each season.  We have unfettered admiration for their work. 


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