What Season, No Season?

No one has ever picked up a handbag and asked,

“Does it make me look fat?"  

But we do pick up a handbag and ask,

“Is this bag right for Summer?”


We believe that this is a question that also never needs to be asked! For CECILY CLUNE, "rules" about seasons no longer apply. 


No longer is it dictated that dark-coloured accessories are to be worn only in the colder months. For us at CECILY CLUNE, we believe in classic - and classic is appropriate all year round. Classic colours can be worn in every season.

Black is always a classic choice, and brown, navy, and green transcend all seasons.


Trying on the Alice bag with either a blue or ecru blazer - a season blind choice.


Ideally, we have at least one “everyday” bag in our collection, that we love, is reliable and allows us to carry it from summer to winter. Our most trusted year-round bag become almost an extension of ourselves, and why wouldn’t it be? Through deluges and heatwaves, they faithfully accompany us, protecting our most cherished belongings.

These “season-less” bags are essential to our lives though finding one is not always easy.  How do we navigate the infinite options of size, shape, texture, and colour?

In selecting the perfect year-round bag, two of the most important considerations will be the leather and size. The leather is important because it is going to get a work out and must also look fabulous doing it. As for shape, mid-sized handbag styles are ideal. After all, we need room to accommodate our wallet, makeup, sunglasses, phone, keys and, sometimes even our snacks.

The Florence Classic is our ideal everyday bag in textured hard-working  “woodsy” green crocodile printed leather. It has black tipping over the top of the green which makes it a subtle and versatile colour. Our customers say it goes with almost everything in their wardrobe and is perfect for day to night.

florence classic

The Florence Classic



Increasingly, our customers are MORE interested in finding handbags that offer craftsmanship, individuality, and functionality, rathen than whether they suit a season. As manufacturers and designers, it is the craftsmanship that we are most concerned with - as true artisans are becoming harder and harder to find.

Crafting handbags really is a dying skill where hand-workmanship is learned over decades of experience and is giving way to computer generated patterns and cutting and sewing and finishing. There IS a difference and you can see it in a CECILY CLUNE bag.

Ours are handmade by a Japanese master who heads his family run business, personally cuts the patterns and oversees the making. Our bags do look different as a result.

our japanese master craftsman

Our Japanese master with a vintage bag we have reimagined into the Florence Classic.

We are really proud to show you our latest arrival - a truly season-blind bag!


The Katherine is equally appropriate with a sharply tailored wool suit, ripped jeans and tee with statement sandals, or a flowy prairie dress with combat boots.

Winter, Autumn, Spring or Summer: it offers discreetly chic style in navy croc, green croc, black epi and now forget-me-not blue smooth calf leather. 




 @ashworethat with The Katherine in black epi leather in Melbourne, Australia


We would love to hear from you, our customers, as to what other CLASSIC colours you would like us to add to our seasonless collection. We are thinking burgundy/fig, winter white, raspberry pink, and champagne mettalic.

Love Cecily x

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