The Artist and The Tie Maker

What gives a person their creativity? I can only assume it’s genetics.

In the course of my designing, I laid the talents of my grandfathers’ beside that of my own. It was suddenly clear to me where Cecily Clune had originated.


My maternal grandfather started Austico - the Australian Tie Company – in Collingwood, Melbourne, after WW1. He was a young man from Tasmania, who fought in France and, on the way there, saw the world. On his return, he decided to make ties from the silks he discovered in Shanghai. ‘Cecily’ was his wife and my grandmother. Austico Pty. Ltd. is now a leading manufacturer.
My paternal grandfather was a watercolourist renowned for his murals and his soft landscapes of both Europe and Australia. He won awards for his watercolours throughout Australia, among them the Wynne prize (1961 and 1964).

It began to make sense. The artist and the manufacturer are Cecily Clune.

Len Annois Artist

Len Annois drawing

Cecily Clune bag image

Our leather goods are the expression of marrying art with practicality - two traits that run strong in my family.
It is a joy, every day, to work in this business, and I am very proud to contribute the Cecily Clune brand to this lineage.
We use the bee as our symbol – a classical representation of activity, discipline and efficiency as well as beauty – everything a fantastic handbag should be!


logoLibby Thomson portrait

Libby Thomson - Creative Director


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