A Bee collecting nectar - Cecily Clune's symbol

Putting my Fear where my Mouth is

Cecily Clune's logo is the bee.  History, literature, science all tell me that bees are miraculous. For the same reasons, I too have admired this wonderful creature and have always harboured a secret desire to learn beekeeping.  They are also a little bit mysterious and I have enjoyed a healthy respect for their charms and vices. Read: I don't want to be stung.

Well, I have bitten the bullet and am learning beekeeping from the experts. I have two hives in my garden and a team who are learning with me. Today was our first day and it was wonderful.


Update:  This year we now have 15 hives and collected 200 jars of honey!


The brand celebrates this remarkable creature by making it its charm.

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