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I created the brand, Cecily Clune, because I couldn’t find a handbag I was rabid about, that wasn’t the price of a used car! 

My mother had returned home to  Australia from Florence almost 50 years ago with two beautiful leather handbags – one for her and a mini one for me. I still have them, and they are still beautiful.  





No Compromise - Not Mid Range - Not Destined for Landfill

The business grew and grew but the market started to dictate how I should design and at what price. This was not the plan. I never intended to churn out mid range bags at high volumes that will end up as landfill in a year or two.  My passion is for excellence and great design – no compromise. I had to stop and re-set and this is what we did in late 2018.   


To Hell With The Market - bring on Japanese Perfection!

We now make luxury bags made from beautiful leather with fine craftsmanship by a Japanese manufacturer. His clients are all European and Cecily Clune!  He and his son have a workshop in southern China and in Tokyo and they are perfectionists.  We design our hardware and source it from a specialist company in  Rhode Island USA, that engineers for the major luxury brands of the world. It goes without saying that it is excellent. 

In fact, all manufacturers of components that Cecily Clune procures, are those that the biggest names in the handbag game also use. 

Cecily Clune is Excellent and I am Proud.

Since starting the business, many other new independent brands have stepped up and are doing a great job to fill the void between mass and high end designers, but Cecily Clune is still different.  The components we use are further up the luxury chain than most.  

I am wondering if you have the same problem as me?  I always find the most expensive item in the shop without knowing and I just cannot accept a lesser standard.  This is what I do in my business. 

Our zips are Excella, our hardware is heavy, our leather is topgrain, the manufacturer is next-level, and so on.  Our bags look different, it is hard to put a finger on it, but they do stand out as being rather special and everyone who buys them so far becomes a loyal fan. There is an earthy quality about them that doesn't look mass manufactured - because they are not obvious darling

Cecily Clune sits at the top end of its market niche providing remarkable value.

I cannot thank my customers enough for seeing and trusting what I envisioned.  They understand that wearing a special bag makes you feel polished and put together and a little bit chic.   It is rewarding.


My vision is to disrupt the leathergoods market by making exquisite bags at the fairest prices.

I am so proud of what Cecily Clune has become and what it will be.  


I invite you to explore Cecily Clune and hope you will find something you can also be rabid about!


Libby Thomson

Creative Director

Cecily Clune

Gallery of my Journey.


Drafting a rough pattern together






Ps.  We are obsessed by bees - purposeful, beautiful, working for the common good - and have made them our brand statement and logo.  Read the blog!

Cecily Clune Bee


Pps.  BTW, we have 11 hives at headquarters using recycled boxes.

2 of our hives



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