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I want to tell you my story … and perhaps you might become a part of it.

I created the brand, Cecily Clune, partly out of frustration. I wanted to own a designer bag, not for the logo – that’s the last thing I wanted – but for its unique design, quality and sophistication it would instantly and magically sprinkle over everything I wore with it. 

I was frustrated because they were not just expensive, they were incredibly expensive!  It was either spend big or compromise. And I couldn't see why.  

My quest has taken me nearly 10 years and all over the globe (pre-COVID) discovering the hidden secrets of the handbag universe that has many illusions. With Cecily Clune I might have found the secret sauce - for both manufacturing and price.

So finally, I am very proud to present a small range of upscale handbags that are:

  • as good as, if not better quality than couture brands and
  • have the right amount of sophistication (magic dust)
  • reasonably priced
  • quality -  that only handmade gives

I've been inspired by the exceptional design and quality of some of the world's most premium brands. In particular the French artisan brands with an extraordinary price tag. They were exquisite, beautifully made in bespoke leathers and unique. You could tell they were different: they were special.

The secret to Cecily Clune is what we don’t have: middlemen. I’m obsessed with quality and in order to offer the highest standard at an accessible price, we handle everything ourselves, in-house. No third parties mean no unnecessary mark-ups. It’s the very simple reason why we no longer have to choose between luxury and cost. 


Join me at Cecily Clune and share in my passion for better beautiful products that sprinkle sophistication over us all ... at a reasonable price.


Libby Thomson

Creative Director

Cecily Clune


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