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"It all began when my sweet and stylish mother returned home to Australia from Florence almost 50 years ago with two beautiful leather handbags – one for her and a mini one for me. I still have them, and they are still beautiful." Libby Thomson
CECILY CLUNE was born from this - the idea to create leather handbags of high quality, enduring style and classic beauty using the talents of expert craftspeople. 
Cecily Clune started off with the idea that the best products are made with passion and investing many hours of tough labour and attention. The team works directly with some of the most skilled craftsmen in the world to make modern designs and beautiful products. 
We are now a team of designers and dreamers who create accessories of our imagination – redefining the luxury market of handbags – with quality normally only found in the huge couture houses charging vast sums of money.

Each Cecily Clune product reflects our philosophy that modern design is best brought to life through traditional craftsmanship.  Our manufacturer is a Japanese master craftsman who will only make in small numbers to maintain impeccable quality.

The brand is named after Libby's grandmother, a woman of style and substance, who valued beautifully made objects.

The hallmarks of a CECILY CLUNE handbag are that they are limited edition, not mass produced; timeless, not ephemeral; and made to be treasured, good enough to be passed from one generation to the next.


Libby Thomson
Libby Thomson
Creative Director
Cecily Clune
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  • Susie Miles on

    Hi Libby, how are you? I love your range especially the Avoca St Classic Box Bag!
    Congrats on a beautiful collection x

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