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As you all know Cecily Clune is a small niche brand of luxury handbags - the bag with the bee.  We are tiny compared with the couture houses of the world but we started the brand, up against these giants, to solve our own problems.

We are wondering, are they your problems as well? And, if they are, have we helped in any small way?  We want to know.

What we are, is a brand that makes individual designs in high quality. We price them below the major couture houses because we can. We are the same quality, if not better in some cases - who shall remain nameless! 

We believe – just like Trinny Woodall, that handbags are EITHER a fashion accessory that complement you and your outfit and not about price, status symbol or advertising someone’s logo – OR, as Trinny says, for simply carrying stuff.

If you want logos, we are not your brand. If you want a  bag in every colour and every size, we are not your brand.


We set out to solve these TWO problems first: QUALITY and PRICE

We couldn’t find a handbag that was truly excellent with beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail that was made with the heart and hand, and at a price that a mere mortal could afford.

We LOVED the French artisan brands that are made in small numbers and have shops in Mayfair and the Rive Droite! They were beyond our reach forever.

What we have done, particularly with The Alice Bucket Bag is make something very special. And at a low price because we can. Quality has not been sacrificed in any way. We keep our prices low because we do not have store networks or retail shops in Mayfair and the Rive Droite. We sell online and have a lean office.

Our Alice bag is quite special. (Even we can’t believe how lovely it is!) It would be beautiful paired with a tailored suit or minimal dress where it can offset the clean lines and be shown for its simplicity. We can see it with anything from a favourite brand, JOSEPH.

Alice bucket bag with Joseph jacket


The next problem we set out to solve was: DESIGN:

We wanted a bag that was beautiful and a little bit different. So many bags are similar.

We think our Paris End Tall is both of these things

– beautiful and a bit different

and we are really proud of it. It is elegant and the leaf strap is artful.

Paris Tall bag with leaf strap

After that, we wanted to solve: UBIQUITY ( “everywhereness”):

How often have you bought something, to see everyone  has also bought it or they are available in every size and colour in every department store, airport or mall, worldwide. Globalism has certainly diminished our exposure to independent unique designs and their accessibility. We wanted a hand bag that is not seen everywhere.

When we wear something that is rare, different and of exceptional quality, it should make us feel special, like a delicious secret that not everyone knows.

We think our Florence Classic and Florence East West  (aka Cersei's bag) solve this problem. Our leathers are hand coloured and we designed their unique hardware to resemble a Florentine door and wrought iron work. No one else has this!  

Florence East West at Melbourne Fashion Week


We want two things from you...


What problems can we solve for you?

We would love to hear your comments about what problems a niche handbag brand could solve for you.


And suggestions?

Do you have any suggestions for new designs for us to consider?  We already have had a request for a wallet made with our blue croc leather and using the Florence lock.

It would be great to hear your ideas.

Please comment below or send us an email to and do share this with your friends.



Libby Thomson, Creative Director.

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  • Gaybrelle Wilkie on

    I love that I am lucky enough to own three and have gifted a fourth. They are all so stylish and elegant, and so unique that I can’t pick a favorite one. They all do different tasks, beautiful I might add. I would really, really, really love a patent or better still, croc skin fire engine 🚒 Red one. PLEASEEEE I’d even let you name it after me. 🙋‍♀️A matching wallet would be good too.

  • Jane on

    Good God Libby – would I so much as PRESUME? Not likely. I think your bags are wonderful. Well done.

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