As a Libran, bordering on a Virgo, I crave both balance and structure...

This usually manifests in my life  with a lot of list making and debating whether beauty or practicality "win". It is not often you find both. 

For me a perfect handbag is simple.

Practically anything with a clear uncluttered shape in beautiful leather and symmetry makes me weak in the knees.  This is what I think makes a perfect bag because they make me feel "put together" - polished - no matter what I am wearing.

Libby Thomson


Designed to Last

Structured bags always represent a great purchase because they stand up to the test of time. Most of the must-have investment pieces are solidly structured, and all are positively elegant. That elegance lends itself to structured bags of all kinds – even those with patterns and colours that can be crazy - structure contains them and elegance reigns.

Paris End Bag Tall
The Paris End Bag

Clean lines and a classic shape? I am sold.  

Instant Polish

Whatever you are wearing, it's always about the bag! 

A bag speaks volumes about your style and what better way than to say I have style, discernment and care about quality, construction, leather and proportion than with your bag.

A structured bag complements a formal outfit or acts as a counterpoint to casual. I love that!  Athleisure with a beautiful structured handbag is fabulous.

Katherine Forget Me Not

Classic and  Simple Lines of the Forever Alice.   I am in love!

Made by Cecily Clune

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