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As a Libran, bordering on a Virgo, I crave both balance and structure...

This usually manifests in my life through obsessive list making of jobs to do and having beautiful but useful things around me, but it also means that I can’t resist a strong shape and clean lines in a handbag. Practically anything with a clear uncluttered shape in beautiful leather and symmetry makes me weak in the knees.

Libby Thomson


Designed to Last

Structured bags always represent a great purchase because they stand up to the test of time. Most of the must-have investment pieces are solidly structured, and all are positively elegant. That elegance lends itself to structured bags of all kinds – even those with patterns and colours that can be crazy - structure contains them and elegance reigns.

Paris End Bag Tall
The Paris End Bag

Clean lines and a classic shape? I am sold.  

Classic and  Simple Lines of the Forever Alice.   I am in love!

Made by Cecily Clune

Please join me at Cecily Clune and share in my passion. 



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