Cersei's Bag

No matter how we sometimes wish it were not true, what we choose to wear reflects our character and speaks to the world about how we see ourselves.

Our team’s favourite character in Game of Thrones was Cersei Lannister  - classically beautiful and evil to the core – fascinating to watch.  She also had classic style and her costumes were a joy to behold. They were genius creations that reflected her status and character beautifully - baddass but couture! 
A handbag should match the character – correct? 
We loved how Purseblog has matched each character of GOT with a handbag. 
For Cersei they picked a studded version from Alexander McQueen with the signature skull clasp. A great pick for sure, but we would like to see her wearing something more subtle that does not so openly say “evil”, e.g. “Come here, Little Dove….” But we know exactly what she was thinking…. And it wasn’t sweet. It is the tension between what we see and what she really is that keeps us wondering about her. 
We think Cecily Clune's The Florence East West would be ideal for Cersei. Couture - but not pretty - and quality in every detail.
Florence East West
It has earthy deep embossed croc stamp leather in dark navy with black overtones rubbed into the creases. It is not “pretty” but real and rich. The 14k gold plated hardware was designed to reflect the wrought iron of Florence but could easily be that of Kings’ Landing. The studded arched lock resembles the arches and doors of the Red Keep and the twisted metal handle and rings reflect the iron bars.
We imagine she would love the symbolism of the red leather interior and appreciate the classic shape. It is also practical with its 3 compartments zipped interior pocket and an open exterior pocket for her mobile phone (sorry not big enough for a Starbucks cup). Badass but couture?
Florence East West
I wonder what she would put in it?
Cecily x
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