Breaking The Rules Is Good

Isn't it fantastic that an article of clothing can make a wave?

Great fashion is art.

Art explores ideas, breaks norms and challenges us to see new perspectives.  It can also make us appreciate beauty by providing focus.

Glorious Fashion Week around the globe right now is doing just that.

 And The Red Carpet does it every time. It wows, inspires and challenges.


Fashion shakes us up

Fashion Week promotes discussion, and takes us out of our paradigms to see a bigger picture - a vent for human expression for all to see.

Forever Alice
Paris End Tall

We want to play our part

We hope that Cecily Clune can play a part in this.
We colour just outside the lines by taking a strong shape and making it our own.
We like to think we have created designs worthy of being called  art.

Libby Thomson and Alice Thomson

Made by Cecily Clune

Everything we make at Cecily Clune must have these 5 benefits:

 Character Quality Beauty Integrity Heritage.


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