Breaking the Rules is Good.

Isn't it fantastic that an article of clothing can make a wave?

Man Repeller just highlighted Haider Ackermann's work with Timothee Chalamet on the red carpet wearing a ground breaking suit that has everyone talking about ushering in a new era of fashion... It breaks the rules...and makes new ones.

Great fashion is art.  We see that art is about exploring ideas, breaking norms and challenging, pushing and seeing new perspectives or appreciating beauty.

Glorious Fashion Week around the globe right now is doing just that.  And The Red Carpet does it everytime. It wows, inspires and challenges.

red carpet 2019

Fashion Week promotes discussion, and takes us out of our paradigms to see a bigger picture -  a vent for human expression for all to see.

We love the blog Man Repeller for its take on fashion that is never stuck in convention and always appreciative and aware of what represents art in fashion. It makes us laugh yet consider.

We hope that Cecily Clune can play a part in this.  We colour just outside the lines by taking a strong shape and making it our own. 

We like to think of our designs as art.  The Alice Bucket Bag and The Paris End series, in particular, are unique.

The Alice Bucket Bag

Paris End Tall

Would love to hear your stories from Fashion Week and what you found fabulous and fascinating.



Cecily x

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