Are you a Kelly or a Birkin?

Jane BirkinGrace Kelly

For Many Bloggers, There Are Only Two Types Of Handbag People:

 Hermes Kelly Or  Birkin.

Jane Birkin was cool and sensuous. Her bag, the Birkin, is relaxed with its Moorish arches, slouchier form and an open top reflected her easy effortless style.

The iconic Kelly bag stands for quiet wealth and understated elegance - everything Grace Kelly was. It is structured, minimal and closed.

 Both have classic style. Both have different spirits. Can we be both? –sometimes Kelly and sometimes Birkin.
Cecily Clune thinks so.


Structure adds Polish

Even when we are running around on 'athleisure' Sundays and feeling 'not so put together',  a classic structured bag can elevate your look into something a lot more polished. It can transform and transfer instant polish.
Gigi Hadid and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are experts at this! They know that the Kelly (like no other) or a luxury structured bag can pull it all together.

We love our Florence East West , The Katherine or  Forever Alice  - carried either by the top handle or crossbody with the adjustable strap - to bring some precision to your look. It says something about you.

Of course, a structured elegant bag is the ultimate professional and corporate accessory.

Wearable Art

The Birkin, on the other hand, is more relaxed and is equally at home at the office or as a run-around mom.  But it has style - immense style - underpinned by exceptional quality.

I have seen Birkins filled with diapers, diaries, water bottles, baby wipes and you name it - everything else we need each day.

Art is married with practicality.  


Exceptional Quality 

The underlying criteria for both Kelly and Birkin are their exceptional quality of materials, their assured shape and excellent hardware, albeit at a price!

Structured or slouchy, classic style is classic style and is never under or overdressed. It is hard to pinpoint what it is, but you know it when you see it.

Cecily Clune is driven by creating products of exceptional quality, strong silhouettes, practicality and distinct style.

Paris End Tall
Libby Thomson - Founder

Made by Cecily Clune

Cecily Clune creates small collections of high quality statement handbags that are functional, at the same quality standard as a couture line, without the price tag.

They are innovative and beautiful, yet approachable and pragmatic. And we deliver directly from our workroom to you.


Libby Thomson - Creative Director for Cecily Clune

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