5 Reasons Luxury Matters

Does luxury Still Matter?

Luxury definitely isn’t quite what it used to be. When sneakers, t-shirts and denim jackets are being marketed as luxury by the couture houses of Europe, the definition is becoming blurry.  It is available everywhere and in danger of being so accessible, it no longer is seen as luxury.

We believe what constitutes true luxury is even more important in this horror year of 2020.  What we consume is important.  It has to be worth making and wonderful to own.

In Dana Thomas’ book, Deluxe, she writes, “In order to make luxury ‘accessible,’ tycoons have stripped away all that has made it special. Luxury has lost its lustre.”

But we believe that true luxury products are not only important, they are even more desirable. 

5 reasons why luxury matters.

Luxury means character.

Beautiful products both have character and reflect character - your character.

Luxury goods are thoughtfully designed, often with socio-cultural references behind the design choice. The result is something more complex and interesting. They have an intelligence and a presence of their own.

For example, a bag with a strong shape, a sleek recessed zipper, plain but textured leather and no visible branding, might reflect how you perceive yourself as a serious professional. It is strong and assured - like YOU - and ‘speaks’ about YOU through your choice.

paris end tall in hand

Luxury should be Exceptional quality.

Luxury should not be just another ‘fashion’ item.  Excellent materials with exceptional craftsmanship make luxury.

Luxury bags use the best top grain leathers, never split leather and use impeccably finished hardware and, without exception, have hand-painted edges.

They require patience and skill from the artisan and discernment of procurement from the creative director. You should expect nothing less from a luxury brand.

Alice bucket bag on step

Luxury sits well with “the less is more” theory.

A luxury item is something that you want to use again and again and love looking at, and wearing.

It follows the idea that we should buy fewer but better when possible and acquire only what we love and will use. The intention is for our possessions not to stifle but bring us great joy (as Marie Kondo suggests) and a sense of clarity.

Keeping our homes organised means careful vetting and decision-making, where we only keep what we treasure and use. Buying then becomes an important decision. Luxury wins every time!

I don’t know about you, but I love having my bags on display to admire, knowing each is a work of art; to grab, go and use.

Luxury means a great place to work.

It takes time and precision to create a luxury item. This demands an excellent workroom with careful stewardship of artisans.

Quality luxury products do not use mass labour practices in harsh working conditions. A single artisan makes it from start to finish and therefore it is usually limited edition. Artisans need our support or their skills will vanish.

This is so important to Cecily Clune and we personally know all our artisans from tanners, to hardware manufacturers and of course, our leather artisans.

Luxury can form a collective memory for your family.

If you treasure something that is beautiful, excellent and you can’t stop looking at it, chances are you will want your family and their children to gain pleasure from it too.

Cecily Clune enjoys handbags passed down from our family that we treasure and which are still in impeccable condition. We associate memories and joys to the object from the person who it once belonged to. It is more than just a handbag, it is a repository of nostalgia.

The Florence Classic is a reinvention of just such a bag from Florence in the 1960's. Each time I look at it, I remember the person who once owned it and her passion for travel, laughter and adventure.  I would expect the new Florence Classic to be able to be passed down again through your family. 

Timeless design and excellent quality, made to last, is a treasure that passes from one generation to the next.

mother and daughter talking

Everything we make at Cecily Clune must have: 

  • Character
  • Quality
  • Beauty
  • Integrity
  • Heritage.


Cecily Clune values the craftsmanship and materials as highly as the aesthetic.  Being insta-friendly with little integrity is not our game! 


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