5 Reasons Luxury Matters

5 Reasons Luxury Matters

We believe in a new kind of luxury. Cecily Clune gives 5 reasons why luxury matters and why artisan craftsmanship is important. Read more...

What Season,  No Season?

What Season, No Season?

No one has ever picked up a handbag and asked, “Does it make me look fat?"   But we do pick up a handbag and ask, “Is this bag right for Summer?”   We believe that this is a question that also never needs to be asked! For CECILY CLUNE, "rules" about seasons no longer apply.    No longer is it dictated that dark-coloured accessories are to be worn only in the colder months. For us at CECILY CLUNE, we believe in classic - and classic is appropriate all year round. Classic colours can be worn in every season. Black is...

How are we doing?

How are we doing?

As you all know Cecily Clune is a small niche brand of luxury handbags.  We are tiny compared with the couture houses of the world but we started the brand, up against these giants, to solve our own problems.

We are wondering, are they your problems as well?

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