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About Us

Hello, we are CECILY CLUNE.
Established 2013 – Melbourne, Australia


Our vision is to provide accessible luxury leather goods of classic design that are good enough to be passed down from mother to daughter. Our mission is for Cecily Clune to be synonymous with high quality, reliability, practicality and definitive style.


    Cecily Clune stands over every stage of manufacturing to ensure high quality in our products – from construction to component parts. Finishing is done by hand and quality control is meticulous.


    We source both finished leather and untanned hides from Europe to suit our designs. We custom tan our leather to our specifications if it cannot be found in the market place.


    Cecily Clune draws inspiration from the European haute couture houses but also from vintage classic designs and sometimes by hunches in the middle of the night! All designs are governed by two rules: what is relevant? and what is striking?


    Our leather is sourced from the Italian trade markets and tanned in SEDEX certified tanneries using REACH compliant dyes.


    Cecily Clune designs for the urban woman who needs a bag to work hard as well as have immense style. It must hold a phone, glasses, keys, money, pens etc and have a secure zipped pocket.


    We believe in understatement and style that glows from within rather than being writ with bright lights. Less is more for Cecily Clune.

Cecily Clune must remain true to the passion that drives our designs and bring authenticity and integrity of style and quality to every product.

  • Passion

    Cecily Clune is driven by design. We love making beautiful products that fit our ethos of understated strong pieces in beautiful leathers. Nothing makes us happier than pursuing this passion.

  • integrity

    We follow our heart and instinct to design products that have Cecily Clune style and appeal. The components must be right for the look we are reaching for and this often means specifying for custom fittings and custom leathers to achieve the benchmark.

  • quality

    We would never make anything that we would not want to own and be proud of ourselves. It must be the best quality that is practicable for the purpose of the bag and be able to withstand the accidents and knocks of a real life – with a disclaimer for hair– on bags – too beautiful to ignore but do need some care!


If you wish to speak to our Style
Advisor, please reach out to us at

0419 345 419

You can also email to us at for any further query.