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Luxury for Years, Not Just Seasons

Meet The Luna

The everyday must-have crossbody bag


Understated luxury for everyday living

Cecily Clune brings together quality, design, beauty and practicality to create exclusive designer handbags for modern women. With each item handmade from the highest-quality materials, a Cecily Clune handbag is a thing of beauty, delivering both style and substance.

From the signature gold bee motif to the hand-stitched leather details, it’s impossible to ignore the high-end design and craftsmanship of our luxury designer handbags. For those looking for confident classical lines and shapes with artisan workmanship, a Cecily Clune piece is a must.

Available exclusively online, enjoy limited-edition high-end style without the exorbitant luxury price tag. Yes, it’s possible to have it all with Cecily Clune.

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The Cecily Shopping Experience

Handcrafted Handbags

Exquisite craftsmanship. Exceptional quality. Exclusive designs. Explore our collection to discover quiet luxury to make you look and feel polished.

Little Luxuries

Luxury comes in all shapes and sizes. Challenge the ordinary with high-end essentials that bring joy to the daily grind, wherever you go.

“We set out to create excellence”

Libby Thomson, Founder

Why less is more

True luxury is something to appreciate slowly, over time. It starts with being bewitched by the sheer beauty of a design. There’s the enchantment of discovering the extra details that make a piece truly special. The admiration for the craftsmanship involved in its creation. The growing sense of pride in ownership that never truly leaves you.

Luxury should always be savoured.

Cecily Clune focuses on limited edition designs that are truly exclusive. Our pieces are not mass-produced nor available elsewhere, which means that only a lucky few can ever own them. Our pared-back designs are intuitively practical yet wonderfully formed. We value quality over quantity, slow over fast and simple over complicated. We create timeless masterpieces, designed to last and destined to never go out of fashion.

Handcrafted from the finest materials, a Cecily Clune luxury handbag represents something truly special - something to be savoured.


Our Founder

Libby Thomson

“If you believe in challenging the ordinary; if you think we should be surrounded by excellence, beauty and great design; if you believe that these aims are not necessarily governed by cost, but rather skill and passion, then you will want to be involved with Cecily Clune.

I am proud to be an Australian designer making handbags that are different."



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